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montreal city night belvedere view

Montreal, a city pulsating with a mix of eclectic culture, art, and gastronomy, invites travelers to immerse themselves in its unique blend of experiences. At Velours, we're all about authenticity and genuine recommendations. None of the listings in this Montreal guide have paid for their inclusion; these are the spots that we, locals, truly love and frequent. This is our insider's guide to the city's must-visit spots, where each address tells a story and every flavor is an adventure waiting to be savored.


atwater market farmer vegetables
atwater market

(138 Atwater Ave)

Metro: Lionel-Groulx Dive into a sensory explosion at Atwater Market. Fresh products, tantalizing outdoor food courts, and the picturesque Canal Lachine for paddling enthusiasts - it's a symphony of experiences.

foiegwa interior design
foiegwa & atwater cocktail club

(512 Atwater Ave)

Metro: Lionel-Groulx Foiegwa offers a stylish, contemporary twist on regional fare. Don't miss their spaghetti! Next door, ACC serves up speakeasy vibes with innovative cocktails.

arthurs nosh bar montreal interior
arthur's nosh bar

(4621 Notre-Dame St W)

Metro: Place Saint-Henri A modern take on a traditional Jewish deli, Arthur's is all about bright spaces and hearty breakfasts.

barley cereal bar montreal
barley cereal bar

(2613 Notre-Dame St W)

Metro: Lionel-Groulx A buzzing bar with a stylish French flair, where late nights and great drinks come together.

satay brothers interior design
satay brothers

(3721 Notre-Dame St W)

Metro: Lionel-Groulx Immerse yourself in Singaporean street food right at the Atwater Market, moving indoors when winter calls.

lov montreal vegan

(464 McGill St)

Metro: Square Victoria-OACI Elegance and plant-based dining merge in this warm, stylishly decorated spot.

milky way interior design gauley brothers
fugazzi pizza &
milky way cocktail club

(1886 Centre St)

Metro: Charlevoix Dive into the casual retro charm of Fugazzi for standout pizzas, and let Milky Way's innovative cocktails captivate you.

la graine brulee montreal cafe
la graine brûlée

(921 Ste-Catherine St. E)

Metro: Between Berri-UQAM and Beaudry A funky coffee haven with whimsical decor, light eats, and a universe of entertainment options.

poutineville poutine montreal

(1365 Ontario St E & 1348 Rue Beaubien E)

Metro: Beaudry & Beaubien Savor the local favorite - poutine, reinvented with upscale toppings in this relaxed restaurant.

tendresse restaurant tables

(1259 St Catherine St E)

Metro: Beaudry

Bold dishes, tasty cocktails, an impressive wine list, and all of it vegan.

ile flottante chairs tables
île flottante

(176 Saint Viateur West Street)

Buzzy spot for creative French dishes & a stylish space decorated with eclectic local artwork.

nil bleu montreal ethiopian food
le nil bleu

(3706 Saint-Denis St) *VELOURS FAV*

Metro: Sherbrooke A chic, zebra-accented venue serving vegetarian-friendly Ethiopian tasting menus amidst African art.

nos thes best bubble tea in montreal

(1609 Saint-Catherine St W) *VELOURS FAV*

Metro: Guy-Concordia Taiwanese cuisine and an exotic tea wonderland. Customize your tea experience in countless ways.

darling montreal interior design

(4328 St Laurent Blvd)

Metro: Mont-Royal A vintage haven that morphs from a coffee spot by day to a buzzing beer and cider spot by night.

lola rosa vegan burgers
lola rosa

(276 Saint-Catherine St W)

Metro: Place-des-Arts Vegetarian and vegan homestyle favorites in a cozy, inviting setting.

sushi momo plate
sushi momo

(3609 Saint-Denis St) *Velours' Favorite*

Metro: Sherbrooke A rustic-chic bistro where creative vegan sushi rolls meet Japanese entrées.

crew cafe montreal interior
crew collective & café

(360 Rue Saint-Jacques)

Metro: Square Victoria-OACI Sip coffee in one of Montreal’s most beautiful cafés, housed in the historic Banque Royale.

bar otto interior design tables
bar otto

(2695 Notre-Dame St W)

Metro: Lionel-Groulx Ramen, sashimi & Wagyu plates turned out in a chic, relaxed outpost adorned with greenery.

bird bar light interior design
bird bar

(1800 Notre-Dame St W)

Metro: Lionel-Groulx A contemporary eatery pairing fried chicken & cocktails offers weekend brunch & vegan options.

bar bara italian restaurant st-henri montreal
bar bara

(4450 Notre-Dame St W,)

Metro: Place St-Henri Easygoing restaurant preparing familiar plates, including sandwiches, pasta, seafood & desserts.

imadake izakaya
imadake izakaya

(4006 Saint-Catherine St)

Metro: Atwater Japanese izakaya turning out tapas-sized, sustainable dishes & ramen with a long sake list.

la voute club
la voûte

(360 Rue Saint Jacques VS-201)

Set in a 1920s bank vault, this hot spot with soaring ceilings hosts DJs spinning dance music.

stereo nightclub montreal

(858 St Catherine St E)

Metro: Berri-UQAM Stereo, a renowned Montreal nightclub, is celebrated for its exceptional sound system and house/techno music, attracting a loyal following and ranking among North America's top clubs.

marcus four seasons montreal

(1440 de la Montagne)

Chic venue in the Four Seasons Hotel serving brunch, seafood & meat plates, plus wine & cocktails.


Mount Royal Chalet belvedere view
chalet du mont-royal

(1196 Camillien-Houde Road)

Metro: Mont-Royal (Bus 11) A building near Mount Royal's summit, offering breathtaking city views. Perfect for picnics or late-night city gazing.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts | MMFA front entrance
the montreal museum of fine arts

(1380 Sherbrooke St W)

Metro: Guy-Concordia Immerse in art at the city's largest museum, a cornerstone of Canada's cultural scene.

montreal eaton center mall interior
montreal eaton center

(705 Saint-Catherine St W)

Metro: McGill Shop and stroll in this expansive mall, a part of Montreal's famed Underground City. Perfect when it's raining outside and you still want to explore.

notre-dame basilica interior aura lightshow
notre-dame basilica

(110 Notre-Dame St W)

Metro: Place d'Armes Experience the awe-inspiring "Aura" lightshow in this historic basilica.

rene levesque park statue art
rené lévesque park

(398 Chem. du Canal)

Bus: 110 Centrale A serene urban park offering a refreshing blend of nature and sculpture.

old port ferris wheels activities waterfront
old port montreal

(Place des Vestiges)

Metro: Place d'Armes & Champs de Mars A bustling hub of activities, from pedal boats to ziplines, in a picturesque setting.

olympic stadium montreal
olympic stadium

(4141 Pierre-de Coubertin Ave)

Metro: Pie-IX A legendary multipurpose stadium, an icon of Montreal's skyline.

oasis immersion exhibition
oasis immersion

(301 Rue Saint-Antoine W)

Metro: Place d'Armes Oasis Immersion offers a world of wonder with its immersive exhibitions, blending art, technology, and sensory experiences to transport visitors into realms of creativity and imagination.

st-paul street west summer montreal
st-paul street west

(Old Port of Montreal)

Rue Saint-Paul, the oldest street in Montreal's historic Old Montreal area, has evolved from a main thoroughfare to a lively hub of restaurants, bars, galleries, and stores.

piknik electronik montreal parc jean drapeau
piknik électronik

(Parc Jean-Drapeau)

"The" hotspot for electronic music in Montréal, this summer event at Parc Jean-Drapeau features a mix of local and international DJs and artists. It's a perfect chance to dance to new beats and socialize with friends in a festive atmosphere.

igloofest montreal old port

(Old Port of Montreal in Montreal)

Igloofest is an annual outdoor music festival which takes place at the Old Port of Montreal in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Montreal, a city bursting with vibrant hues and creative energy, beckons. Each street corner, each unique flavor, extends an invitation to delve into the extraordinary. Allow us to be your guide through this captivating cityscape, where every address is more than just a location - it's a gateway to an unforgettable experience.

Embarking on the journey of getting a tattoo, whether it's a fresh start or an addition to your collection, requires preparation. Here’s a guide to ensure you're ready for your tattoo session.

Moisturize Your Skin

Begin a daily moisturizing routine a week before your appointment. This prepares your skin, making it the perfect canvas for your new tattoo.

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water leading up to your session. Hydration keeps your skin healthy and resilient, ideal for the tattooing process.

Get Enough Rest

Ensure you're well-rested before your tattoo session. A rested mind and body contribute to a smoother experience.

Eat Healthy

Fuel your body with nutritious foods. A healthy diet helps maintain energy levels and overall well-being during the tattooing process.

Bring Snacks for Long Sessions

If you're in for a lengthy session, pack some snacks. Choose foods that are easy on the stomach and provide sustained energy.

Be Sober

Avoid alcohol and drugs before your session. Sobriety ensures a safer and more authentic tattooing experience.

Pack Entertainment

For longer sessions, bring a phone, tablet, or computer to keep yourself entertained and relaxed.

Limit Companions to One

If you wish to bring a friend along, limit it to one person for support and to maintain a focused environment.

Preparing properly for your tattoo session enhances the experience and the outcome.

your new tattoo is essentially a fresh wound resulting from an invasive procedure. proper aftercare is crucial for optimal healing and vibrant ink retention. please follow these steps carefully to ensure the best outcome:


  • Unscented soap (e.g. Dove’s Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar)

  • Resistant paper towel (e.g. Bounty)

  • Cling wrap (e.g. Glad)

  • Aquaphor healing lotion (if not available at the pharmacy or at Velours, get Bacitin)

  • Aveeno Moisturizing lotion

  • Second Skin Bandage (e.g. Hypafix)

  • Sunblock of at least 30spf (once healed)


Leave the Self-Adhesive (Second Skin) Bandage On: Keep the bandage applied during your tattoo session on for the first two days. Only remove it on Day 3 unless it becomes excessively oozy and uncomfortable, in which case it can be taken off on Day 2 in the evening.


  1. Clean Your Hands: Start by washing your hands thoroughly with unscented soap.

  2. Unwrap Your Tattoo: Gently remove the bandage. Expect your tattoo to be oozing; this is normal.

  3. Cleaning the Tattoo: With a clean, resistant paper towel, gently wipe away the oozing fluid from the tattooed area. Apply enough pressure to clean effectively.

  4. Rinsing with Soap: Rinse the tattoo thoroughly by lathering a small amount of unscented soap on your hands and gently washing the tattooed area.

  5. Drying the Tattoo: Use a fresh, clean paper towel to PAT dry the tattoo. Do not use cloth towels, washcloths, or low-quality paper towels as they may leave fibers that could cause infections.

  6. Optional Second Skin Bandage: If you have a Second Skin (Hypafix) bandage, you can reapply it and repeat the cleaning process for the next two days. Otherwise, proceed to Day 5.


  1. Continued Cleaning: If you've reapplied the Hypafix bandage, repeat the cleaning process from Day 3.

  2. Aquaphor Application (if needed): If the tattooed area feels dry or itchy, apply a small amount of Aquaphor (about the size of a pea) up to two times a day, but do not overapply. Avoid picking at any peeling or scabbing during this phase.

  3. Peeling Stage: Your tattoo will likely start peeling within 5–10 days. Be gentle and careful when applying ointment to avoid disturbing the peeling or scabbing.

  4. Fully Healed: Once your tattoo is fully healed, switch to using Aveeno Moisturizing lotion to keep the area and the surrounding skin moisturized.

  5. Sun Protection: After it's healed, always apply sunblock with at least SPF 30 when exposing your tattoo to sunlight to prevent fading and damage.


If you have any concerns or questions about your tattoo's healing process, do not hesitate to reach out to us for guidance and support. Your tattoo's health and vibrancy are our top priorities.


  1. Crowded Nightclubs and Excessive Drinking: These environments can increase the risk of infection for new tattoos. Best to skip them during the initial healing period.

  2. Resist Scratching: While your tattoo may itch, avoid scratching it. Instead, gently tap the tattoo to alleviate the itchiness.

  3. No Picking or Pulling: Refrain from picking at flaking or scabbing skin. This can slow down the healing process, lead to fading, and raise the risk of infection. Let the skin naturally shed.

  4. Keep Pets Away: Prevent your pets from coming into contact with your tattoo. This can also be a common source of infection.

  5. Avoid Swimming for 2 Weeks: Stay out of pools and lakes for the first two weeks after getting your tattoo. Chlorine in pools and bacteria in lakes can harm a fresh tattoo.

  6. Protect from Sunlight: For at least 4–6 weeks, shield your tattoo from direct sunlight. Always wear sunblock on your tattoo once it has healed, as UV rays can cause tattoo pigments to fade over time.

Remember, sunlight can damage tattoo pigments, so taking these precautions is essential for maintaining the beauty of your ink!