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Second Skin Tattoo Aftercare: How to Take Care of Your New Tattoo

your new tattoo is essentially a fresh wound resulting from an invasive procedure. proper aftercare is crucial for optimal healing and vibrant ink retention. please follow these steps carefully to ensure the best outcome:


  • Unscented soap (e.g. Dove’s Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar)

  • Resistant paper towel (e.g. Bounty)

  • Cling wrap (e.g. Glad)

  • Aquaphor healing lotion (if not available at the pharmacy or at Velours, get Bacitin)

  • Aveeno Moisturizing lotion

  • Second Skin Bandage (e.g. Hypafix)

  • Sunblock of at least 30spf (once healed)


Leave the Self-Adhesive (Second Skin) Bandage On: Keep the bandage applied during your tattoo session on for the first two days. Only remove it on Day 3 unless it becomes excessively oozy and uncomfortable, in which case it can be taken off on Day 2 in the evening.


  1. Clean Your Hands: Start by washing your hands thoroughly with unscented soap.

  2. Unwrap Your Tattoo: Gently remove the bandage. Expect your tattoo to be oozing; this is normal.

  3. Cleaning the Tattoo: With a clean, resistant paper towel, gently wipe away the oozing fluid from the tattooed area. Apply enough pressure to clean effectively.

  4. Rinsing with Soap: Rinse the tattoo thoroughly by lathering a small amount of unscented soap on your hands and gently washing the tattooed area.

  5. Drying the Tattoo: Use a fresh, clean paper towel to PAT dry the tattoo. Do not use cloth towels, washcloths, or low-quality paper towels as they may leave fibers that could cause infections.

  6. Optional Second Skin Bandage: If you have a Second Skin (Hypafix) bandage, you can reapply it and repeat the cleaning process for the next two days. Otherwise, proceed to Day 5.


  1. Continued Cleaning: If you've reapplied the Hypafix bandage, repeat the cleaning process from Day 3.

  2. Aquaphor Application (if needed): If the tattooed area feels dry or itchy, apply a small amount of Aquaphor (about the size of a pea) up to two times a day, but do not overapply. Avoid picking at any peeling or scabbing during this phase.

  3. Peeling Stage: Your tattoo will likely start peeling within 5–10 days. Be gentle and careful when applying ointment to avoid disturbing the peeling or scabbing.

  4. Fully Healed: Once your tattoo is fully healed, switch to using Aveeno Moisturizing lotion to keep the area and the surrounding skin moisturized.

  5. Sun Protection: After it's healed, always apply sunblock with at least SPF 30 when exposing your tattoo to sunlight to prevent fading and damage.


If you have any concerns or questions about your tattoo's healing process, do not hesitate to reach out to us for guidance and support. Your tattoo's health and vibrancy are our top priorities.


  1. Crowded Nightclubs and Excessive Drinking: These environments can increase the risk of infection for new tattoos. Best to skip them during the initial healing period.

  2. Resist Scratching: While your tattoo may itch, avoid scratching it. Instead, gently tap the tattoo to alleviate the itchiness.

  3. No Picking or Pulling: Refrain from picking at flaking or scabbing skin. This can slow down the healing process, lead to fading, and raise the risk of infection. Let the skin naturally shed.

  4. Keep Pets Away: Prevent your pets from coming into contact with your tattoo. This can also be a common source of infection.

  5. Avoid Swimming for 2 Weeks: Stay out of pools and lakes for the first two weeks after getting your tattoo. Chlorine in pools and bacteria in lakes can harm a fresh tattoo.

  6. Protect from Sunlight: For at least 4–6 weeks, shield your tattoo from direct sunlight. Always wear sunblock on your tattoo once it has healed, as UV rays can cause tattoo pigments to fade over time.

Remember, sunlight can damage tattoo pigments, so taking these precautions is essential for maintaining the beauty of your ink!


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